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All your questions answered.

What rights do I have over the designs made with the T-Shirt Maker?

By subscribing you'll have the right to sell products featuring our designs, including the ones you've made with our T-Shirt Maker. You'll get a Merchandise Use PDF License included within every download.

Are mockup images of the Mockup Generator royalty free?

Yes! Mockup images are made in private productions with paid models! Mockup images are also still available for use after cancelling, as long as you're not digitally selling them!

Are all quotes generated in the Quote Generator safe to use for commercial use?

Our AI tool scans the internet for trademarked quotes, but to be 100% sure, please check your trademarks before selling anything using these phrases.

What files/format will I get in the Logo Maker?

The Logo maker lets you download your custom logo in many high-quality formats (.PDF, .SVG, .PNG and .JPG) along with a license file to use it.