Build your merch business. All you need in only one subscription.

    All Plans Include

      • AI Merch Maker
        • Niche Finder

        • Quote Generator

        • Merch Designer

        • Product Match

        • POD ready designs

      • My Merch Store
        • Unlimited store products

        • User payments & orders

        • POD fully integrated

        • Store analytics

        • Customer support

        • General Marketing & Growth recommendations

      • Design Creating Tools
        • T-shirt Maker

        • Mockup Generator

        • Quote Generator

        • Logo Maker

      • General support
        • Dedicated Customer Service

      • Design Library
        • Print-Ready Designs

        • Full library of vector resources

        • PSD Templates

        • Editable online PNGs & SVGs

      • Resources
        • Monthly Merch Digest

        • Learning Materials

        • Welcome Bundle

        • Video Tutorials

        • Welcome Interview

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    All your questions about our plans, answered.

    Why should I buy a Merch Subscription?

    Our Merch subscription provides unlimited access to our in-house designed graphics and tools, perfect for both beginners and experienced sellers looking to expand their online business. We provide an all-in-one user-friendly solution, in a single platform. With our subscription, you can create and sell an unlimited amount of products on your Vexels store, print-on-demand platforms, online stores, and retail stores. Each download comes with a Merch License that can be accessed through your User Dashboard, granting you the necessary rights to use our resources for merchandising purposes. Plus, our commitment to growth and enhancement means you'd not just be subscribing to a service; you'd be joining a platform that's continually expanding and looking to improve.

    Who holds the intellectual property of the Designs?  

    Subscribers have the Licensing rights to use Vexels Designs, while Vexels holds the intellectual property of its Designs at all times.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription within the first 15 days of your first purchase, and if you have also downloaded 10 or less resources, you are entitled to a full refund on your subscription. This policy doesn’t apply to plans with free trial.We also give refunds within the first 7 days of your subscription renewal, if you haven't downloaded any design.

    What do you mean by “Design Requests”?

    Design Requests are one of Vexels’ benefits, which enable members to make a design request for an idea or concept that it’s not available in the library and abides by Vexels’ creative criteria. Design Requests are exclusive to the requester for a certain period of time, after which the design is added to Vexels’ library. All plans come with a number of Design Request credits which allow the user to choose the complexity of the design they wish to request. Merch Lifetime Lite subscriptions come with two Design Request credits per month for two years, while Merch Lifetime Plus allows for four Design Request credits per month for two years. Exclusive Design Requests are an additional feature that allows members to request an exclusive, uniquely designed piece, at the cost of a fee added to the membership’s cost.

    With a Merch subscription, can I download your designs and sell them online?  

    Vexels' print-ready designs are sized and formatted to be easily printed on most print-on-demand services. They're perfect for starting points to create your own unique artwork that meets the specific Content Policies of each POD platform. With an active Merch Subscription, you can use our graphics to sell products both online and offline (on sites like Merch by Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, or your own website), but please review the policies of each individual POD first. Some platforms only accept unique designs, which is why we offer editable designs. Please note that we are not liable for any misuse of our products or services.

    May I sell Vexels' designs digitally?

    No, according to our Terms & Conditions, Vexels' designs are not allowed to be sold or redistributed digitally without modification; they are meant to be either applied onto physical products for sale, or modified enough to be unrecognizable as Vexels content for digital uses such as graphic design.

    Can my merch licenses to Vexels' designs expire?

    As long as you have active licenses, you can continue selling our designs. There are plenty of ways to have an active license: you can maintain your monthly/annual subscription, you can purchase the individual lifetime licenses of the specific designs you wish to sell, or you can purchase a Lifetime plan, which is a one-time payment plan, to continue selling the designs for life. If you don't have an active license you can't continue selling our designs. Our monthly/annual subscription work as a "rental" for our designs, so once you cancel your subscription, your merch licenses expire with it.

    What are AI Credits in Vexels?

    AI Credits in Vexels are your ticket to unlock powerful AI features. They enable you to use tools like our Merch Designer, Product Match, the Niche Explorer, and our First AI Quote Generator for Merch. With three subscription tiers—Merch (500 credits), Merch Plus (1,000 credits), and Merch Ultimate (2,000 credits)—you can dive into the AI-driven creativity.

    Please note that credits don't roll over; they reset at the beginning of each month. For more details, visit our Help Center.

     What is the AI Merch Maker?

    The Merch Maker is a tool designed to help you create designs for products ready to be sold in your store, associated with a specific product. You can learn all about it HERE

    How does My Merch Store work?

    My Merch Store is a user-friendly feature within Vexels that allows you to set up and personalize your own online store effortlessly. Similar to other print-on-demands, My Merch Store streamlines the process. You can quickly create and upload products, and we'll handle the complexities of printing and shipping through our print-on-demand service. The benefits include:

    • Rapid Setup: Have a fully functional store ready to sell within minutes, even if you don't have prior experience.
    • User-Friendly Management: Easily manage your store, products, and other details. Monitor visits and sales performance with simplicity.
    • Seamless Payment Processing: My Merch Store takes care of end-user payments and ensures creators/merchers receive their charges without the need for intricate configurations.