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How can I make a custom t-shirt design?

Making a custom t-shirt design is easy with Vexels' T-shirt Templates. Like their name explains, t-shirt design templates are editable files made by professional designers. You can change the design's text, colors, images and more in Photoshop and upload different designs on PODs.

Do I need a t-shirt design software to use PSD design templates?

The only t-shirt design software you need to use our PSD design templates is Photoshop. There, you can create shirt designs by changing components, editing quotes and adapting the professionally made illustrations to make a whole design for your merch store.

How can make a t-shirt design that will sell on Amazon Merch On Demand?

In order to make a t-shirt design that sells on Amazon Merch On Demand and other Print on Demand sites, you'll need to think of what your audience wants. Which quotes are trending? What colors do they prefer? Are they into a specific merch design style like retro or vaporwave? From there, download one file and make unlimited graphic tee designs.