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Custom T-Shirt Designs

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Only one download will get you so much more than a T-Shirt Design Template. Edit more than images and text. Every layer, shadow, or pattern can be changed as you wish. Dare to be unique! These unique T-Shirt Templates can't be easily copied. Our unique scalable PSD tees have no limits!


Design your own T-Shirt

Our T-Shirt Templates give you unlimited designs by just editing a few elements, create custom, unrepeatable t-shirts easily:
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1. Download a Template

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2. Change & Edit

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3. Watch the magic happen

Give it a try for free

Become a designer in three minutes! Try a FREE SAMPLE of one of our PSD t-shirt designs and see how easy it is to make it your own!

Make your Custom Best-Selling T-Shirt

When everything is customizable, the possibility to get your design copied is basically 0. With this tool, you can make a variety designs and see which one performs the best.

Make your Custom Best-Selling T-Shirt

When everything is customizable, the possibility to get your design copied is almost 0. Make all the designs you can imagine and see which one performs the best.

Templates Personalized for Merchers

Be a part of the leading merch platform and get access to all our t-shirt templates, print-ready designs, t-shirt maker, and more.

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Expand your productivity

Vexels' T-shirt Design templates are a super powerful tool for sellers who are looking to design custom t-shirts and expand their productivity while improving their design quality at the same time. These PSD templates come packed with easy-to-edit elements and layers that anyone can customize as they please, even if you don't have pro design skills. Create unlimited Merch-ready designs with only one file, without breaking a sweat!

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Find and Download thousands of customizable t-shirt templates, which allow you to edit their elements, texts, fonts, effects, and colors in any way you need. Use these templates to add your own artwork and make it even more original than the rest. Vexels' editable t-shirt design templates are built to make your t-shirts stand out, with professional quality.

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Never Stop Selling

With just one template you can create all the designs you want, for any niche and style that your store needs. Stay up to date with the latest trends, with PSD design templates created based on Merch market data and analysis. Generate unlimited Merch-licensed designs with a few clicks, and start selling t-shirt designs with contents featuring popular and best-selling niches.

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Generate Unlimited Designs

Create unlimited Merch-ready designs with only one file, without breaking a sweat! Download one file and create thousands by changing any aspect of this user friendly template. It's even easier than it sounds! Each file contains detailed instructions and well organized layers so you know exactly what you're working with. Make your unique design, nobody else will have one like yours.


How to use the PSD T-Shirt Template?

Once you've downloaded one of our PSDs, extract the PSD file and open it up on PhotoShop. You'll find that the layers give you the exact instructions. Edit background, text, colors, layers, images and much more with this simple download.

Who has the rights to designs made with these PSDs?

You do! Our t-shirt PSDs are meant to be design tools, not designs themeslves. You are free to create whatever you want.

How to design with a PSD t-shirt template?

You can design with a PSD t-shirt template simply. The downloadable file already comes with clear instructions, but the process itself is pretty intuitive. Just change backgrounds, images, text and more to make different designs.

How can I create merch in Photoshop?

You can create merch in Photoshop in a few simple steps. Just use Vexels' t-shirt design templates. Make the most profitable designs you can using our PSD files. By using this tool you're guaranteed to have at least 30 different designs on your merch store, adapt designs to various niches and make tweaks where you feel like it.

Is Photoshop good for T-shirt designing?

Photoshop is good for t-shirt designing when you use our T-shirt design templates. Every layer is an editable component proven to be ideal for merchers.

I have Affinity Designer, can I make them work?

We have been working on that for some time. Recently made designs should work in Affinity Designer.

Should I fear my designs will be copied?

We hope that's hardly the case. While one PSD may be downloaded by multiple users, the outputs are entirely up to each person's creativity and work they put into it. Experience safety by knowing you can make personalized changes to your design so that it is unlikely that any other merch store shares the same t-shirt design as your store.

Can I use Vexels graphics on the PSDs?

Absolutely! You can use any and all our graphics from our library.

I don't have the font used in the PSD, what should I do?

When you open up the PSD, a dialog box will appear telling you which font you are missing. Just Google it up and download it yourself!