This article will check out some of the hundreds of styles of icons we can find for our projects.

Icons are very useful communication tools that help to emphasize and highlight important information from webs, posters, and brochures. With icons, we can add a visual accent to a divulgation design. They are very popular on webs and infographics because they are an asset for breaking up the information into key points. 

One of the key rules when using icons on your designs is to integrate them into the global style, which is why there are many styles. So many styles that sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect one for our design.

Let’s do a review of the most popular ones. 

Stroke icons

Those are outlined icons usually with a very simple design. A good way to condense a lot of information in a few lines. We can fit these icons in our work by changing color to match the environment.

Some of the more popular stroke icons:


Dashed or dotted



Flat Icons

They are the counterpart of stroke icons, flat icons are based on shapes and curves with outlines. The absence of highlights and shadows is the reason for their name “flat”. Modern and versatile, flat icons are perfect for every occasion.

The more used flat icons are:

Monochromatic or Glyph

Flat Colored icons

Doodle Icons

The doodle icons are also known as sketch or hand-drawn. They are very useful for projects that try to have a more informal or organic look. They are very popular in infographics combined with script typographies.

We can highlight two kinds of doodle icons:



3D icons

We can contribute with some volume to our designs using icons that pop up with different techniques. There are different ways to get some volume in our icons. We only need to choose the ones that better fit the job.

Some of the most popular:

Isometric icons

Highlights and shadows

Glossy icons

Long shadow icons

There are a lot of possibilities with only these four basic styles. Then we can combine styles and colors to get much more. Check out all the possibilities and find the perfect one for your project