Valentine’s Day is the first big seasonal opportunity of the year, and it’s only right for us to give you some Valentine’s Day t-shirt design ideas to help you stay productive.

Here’s our Merch design hack for Valentine’s Day: Do it with LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is traditionally considered as a celebration of romance and love, yet Love is a universal language, and Love t-shirt designs take many different forms, shapes, and niches!

Love t-shirts can be about pretty much anything that can be loved, not just significant others or family members. Think about it: do you have a pet? A favorite artist? A hobby? There are all sorts of things out there to be loved and make a reference to.

Funny love t-shirt with model

When looking for Valentine’s Day t-shirts designs, think about it as an opportunity to express love and passion for any given person or object.

Valentine’s Day designs can even be evergreen if you correctly apply the ‘love’ concept to them.

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Also, as a Merch seller, it’s important that you think about possible uses for your products, chiefly as a Valentine’s Day gift. For example, a t-shirt with a funny, loving, or otherwise relatable design can be a great gift idea (together with a box of chocolates, of course!), yet it doesn’t have to necessarily be about Valentine’s Day.

Here are 13 t-shirt design ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. Day of the Dead t-shirt designs

The Mexican-origin tradition, also known as Día de los Muertos, is all about honoring the memory of loved ones who are no longer with us, be it a relative, a friend, or a loved one. It’s also a time to share and enjoy with the living ones. All of this offers ideas you can bring for Valentine’s Day.

Day of the Dead t-shirt design

2. Anti-Valentine t-shirt designs

A subgenre of funny Valentine’s Day tee design, anti-Valentine’s joke around being single, the hardships of love, and the feeling against the celebration of the holiday.

3. Husband and Wife t-shirt designs

One of the classic designs that always work, where almost always there’s a text involved.

Husband tee design


4. Same-sex love t-shirt designs

Love is love no matter what your preference is, so here you have another way of opportunities for your Valentine’s Day t-shirts. Look for gay and LGBT tee designs here.

5. Pet love t-shirt designs

Many people love their pets dearly, and they are great targets for pet t-shirt designs that are relevant to them. Many funny pet t-shirt designs are about how much a person loves their dog or cat. Consider pet lovers as potential customers during Valentine’s season!

6. Animal love t-shirt designs

Some animals are not fit to be pets but are fit to be loved anyway. Horses, sloths, llamas, even dinosaurs are animals that many people love, but love may be expressed in some other way.

Animal love t-shirt design

7. Funny Valentine’s t-shirt designs

Love is funny in many ways! Some joke about how much they love another person, others joke about how crappy love is and how they fail at it. Funny love can be ironic, sarcastic, hilarious, or lowkey and witty. What’s your type of humor like?

8. Cupid t-shirt designs

Cupid is a divisive character: he is either loved or hated. Why not make t-shirts about both?

9. I love _____ t-shirt designs

When your partner loves something too much, a t-shirt about that very thing they love is sometimes all it takes. Be it woodworking, football, or knitting, you can give a Valentine’s Day spin to it by adding a Cupid or other love elements.

I love Video games tee

10. Couple t-shirts

One of the most widely accepted types of Valentine’s Day t-shirt designs is matching couple t-shirts. They are usually meant to be complimentary of each other in a loving or in a funny kind of way.

11. Self-love t-shirt designs

In times of growing self-consciousness, self-love and affirmation t-shirts can be a nice gift to give, so consider this underdeveloped niche.

12. T-shirt designs about being single

There are a lot of single people and a lot of funny t-shirt ideas about being single or not married. For us, this is a great concept to use not only for Valentine’s but all year round!

Stay Single tee design

13. Love graphic t-shirt designs (without text)

Sometimes an image is all it takes to get the message across, so explore and combine Love elements like hearts, arrows, ribbons, and flowers paired with others like food, animals, or sport objects.

Bonus idea! Since Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for gifts, consider Valentine’s Day mugs as a great idea to create products for this holiday, as they make up for amazing gifts for loved ones!

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T-shirt Maker Valentine's Day design

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