What is Redbubble

Redbubble is one of the leading online marketplaces where sellers can sell products with their original artwork and merch designs. It works as a print-on-demand market where they take care of the printing and shipping of the products to customers.

Redbubble is well known for the variety in its product portfolio, and it’s one of the chosen markets for independent designers and artists to showcase their work. 

They offer not only clothing but other highly demanded products such as stickers, wall art home decor, and many others.

Niches to sell

To sell on Redbubble, as in any other POD platform, you could use two different strategies: you can chase the last trends or you can concentrate on a few niches at a time.

The first strategy demands a lot of effort in being updated about the latest news and the memes of the moment. You can easily find this data on Social Networks like Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit. 

For this method, you must develop a framework that allows you to create a design and upload it as quickly as possible. Certain Vexels assets like the t-shirt design maker, quote generator or t-shirt design templates may help you make original designs fast and easy. But take into account that trending topics usually fall out as fast as they come up.

The niche-oriented strategy may be a little slower in becoming profitable but oftentimes is more reliable. You need to find niches where you see yourself with the ability to create original designs and quotes with a chance to be a selling hit.

Finding Niches on Redbubble

In case you want to explore new horizons and try Niches, there are some tools that can guide you through the vast sea of topics and styles available. 

In Redbubble, every design and every product must have a description and some tags to describe the design and features. Choosing proper tags is crucial for your audience to find your designs and those can be used in the title, description, and tags section. 

But this could also be used as reverse engineering to find the trending niches on the marketplace. Studying other sellers’ tags to find the ones that are popular and the ones with more or less competition could be a way to decide which niches are interesting to expand our business with.

There are some tools to discover popular tags:

This tool offers a weekly base rank with the popular tags and quantity of designs offered in each category. An easy way to find out if there is an audience for one of your niche ideas and check the competition at the same time.

A free platform to find information about Redbubble and Etsy. The Keyword research tool can show the number of shops competing in a certain keyword or the average monthly research on this topic. There is also a trending keywords tool with information on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

While mainly geared towards Etsy, Insightfactory’s app contains information about niches on different platforms, Redbubble among them. They offer information about the competition, countries, and potential sales for trends.

Another of the more popular tool to research the viability of a new niche is the Chrome extension bubblescout.com, which offers information about prices, sales, and scores of every search inside Redbubble.

At the time of writing this article, the most trendy products to sell on Redbubble are t-shirts and stickers, and niches like Space and Galaxy are highly contested.

Check these tools out and try to find your next best selling niche on Redbubble.