Getting accepted into the Merch by Amazon program is easier than you think.

Merch by Amazon is the largest and most important print-on-demand platform to take into account when starting or developing an online business.

Its sheer customer base is more than enough audience to consider as potential buyers, yet it’s one of the few print-on-demand programs to require an application to be reviewed and accepted–or rejected.

Unlike other platforms that allow people to make money with t-shirt designs, Merch by Amazon is the only one that requires applying and getting accepted into the program,

In this article, we’ll talk about how to apply to Merch by Amazon to maximize your chances of getting accepted.

Who can apply to Merch by Amazon?

Anyone can apply to the program, whether you’re a professional designer or artist, or an individual interested in online business.

This is a very appealing feature, especially for the latter since other platforms often require certain design expertise in order to create competitive products.

How to Apply to Merch by Amazon?

Soon after its inception, Amazon realized that in order to prevent people from abusing the program, they needed to implement a way of filtering sellers to weed out the bad prospects.

Unlike other print-on-demand platforms, the Merch by Amazon program is a request-only platform that requires you to apply first, be reviewed by a member of Amazon’s MBA staff, and ultimately be accepted into the program.

To apply to a Merch by Amazon account, there’s a series of steps and requirements that can help you come across as a competent and profitable seller if filled properly.

Since your application will be reviewed by a real person at Amazon, you’ll want to be particularly careful in each of the steps.

Step 1: Head over to Merch by Amazon landing page and click on Sign Up

You’ll be led to a Terms page where you must read and accept the terms in order to proceed.

Sign in image

These terms are a meticulous description of the program, how it works, and how you can use it.

We recommend you take a few minutes to read it, it’s well worth it!

Step 2: Get your business information ready

Gather all the relevant information about your business so you can make the application process more fluent.

  • Business or Personal contact information – phone, email.
  • Bank account and routing numbers. In case you’re located outside the US, there are services like Payoneer that grant you an international bank account that you can submit to Merch by Amazon for payment purposes. We advise you to do your research on the best service that fits your needs.
  • Social security number or other tax identification number that applies to your country of residence.

Step 3: Fill in your Account information

This is where you’ll be using the information gathered earlier. If you don’t have a business name, it’s a good time to come up with a fantasy name that gives the impression of a serious, dedicated Merch project.

Step 4: Fill in the invitation request form

This is where your application’s fate will be decided (was that too dramatic?)

You’ll be asked to complete the following:

  • Industry Type – In case you’re an individual you can select ‘novelty t-shirt business’
  • Organization name – You can use the name of a business or project you own as well as your own name.
  • Additional Information: As we mentioned earlier, your application is reviewed by actual people, and this is THE step where you tell Amazon how valuable your participation can be to the program. This is where you’ll describe your t-shirt/merch project, your experience, and your goals with the MBA program. More importantly, you’ll have to show them you are poised on bringing money to Amazon.

Gather info

To increase your chances to the max, you’ll want to give the impression that your project is at least somewhat established, even going as far as to create a basic logo and digital presence such as a blog or social channel.

Providing examples of t-shirt designs you’ve created is another excellent way of proving you’re serious about enrolling in the program.

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Creating a few designs upfront and uploading them to a blog, a social media platform, or even another print-on-demand platform like Teespring or Redbubble can make you look like a viable prospect. To help you make designs that help you get accepted in Merch by Amazon, you can check out our article on how to make multiple t-shirt designs online easily without being an expert designer.

  • Website – Although this is optional, we strongly recommend you submit a link to a platform where you have uploaded t-shirt designs of your own, like the ones mentioned above. When it comes to creating a Merch by Amazon account, going the extra mile is well worth it.

Step 5: Submit

After double-checking everything, submit your form and wait for Amazon to get back to you.

This process may take weeks or even months; the better your presentation is, the faster it will be for Amazon’s staff to pick you before others.

Good luck!

I was rejected on Merch by Amazon, what can I do?

Start by figuring out where you could have gone wrong.

Check if you have good-quality designs and if your business presentation is honest, clear, and to the point where you come across as a profitable seller for Amazon.

Keep in mind that in your application you’ll be addressing a real person, so make sure you review the tone and wording of your form before submitting it at the very beginning.

If you’ve been rejected, consider re-applying with a different account and business data, and try going that extra mile we talked about earlier. Uploading images of t-shirt mockups with your artwork to a social platform like Instagram, to a blog, or to a design site like Behance can greatly improve your chances of getting accepted into Merch by Amazon.